What Was Perfect

Looking for what to read after Colleen Hoover’s It Starts with Us and It Ends with Us? The answer is to start the Story of Us trilogy. It’s Crazy Rich Asians meets This Is Us…

Like my mother, I belong to a billionaire.
Unlike my mother, I’d do anything to be free…

My mother made the ultimate bet…and lost…my father, my house, my dreams for the future.
When we came to live with the Wu family, I thought I’d found a new father, a new home, and new dreams with Jake. But we were too different. We still are.

His father is a billionaire.
My mother is his housekeeper.
Those facts will never change.

Despite all that, I’ve always wanted Jake to love me back, but his father paid me to stay away. Now that we’re adults can we find what was once perfect or is too much damage already done?
WHAT WAS PERFECT is a full-length contemporary novel from author Jolie Moore about secrets and lies and an unbreakable connection. It’s the first book in the engaging THE STORY OF US trilogy.