Someone Else’s Wife

It’s never too late to make the right choice.

No matter how hard she tries, Hannah Morrison Keesling can’t get life right. She’s hopped from one career to the next, but fears she will never live up to the fame and success of her parents. Hannah’s also jumped from one relationship to the next, but couldn’t get that right either. In the end, she settled for a marriage with financier Michael Keesling. Because he loved her. Because he wouldn’t leave.

Somewhere along the way between leaving New York and moving to Southern California, Michael changed. Or maybe he’d always been the cold and casually cruel man she’d come to dread waking up to every morning.

Either way, Hannah is full of regret and ready to remake her life. Off she goes with her dog to the black sand beaches of Shelter Cove along California’s Lost Coast.

Once there she realizes that settling for a ‘good enough’ husband isn’t the way she wants to live the rest of her life. When Hannah meets veterinarian Ben Cooper, she wants nothing more than to make the right decision the second time around. But will Ben choose to carve out a future with…someone else’s wife?

Early readers are saying…

“…it was just great! The story was riveting and the characters were realistic.”

“Filled with love, doubt, yearning, desire and confusion we travel down a path of discovery of what it takes to achieve what everyone really wants in life unconditional love and acceptance.”

“This is a wonderful story, written with beauty, love, and heartfelt emotion.”