Maybe Him

From the author of crazy, beautiful, love stories, Jolie Moore, comes an opposites-attract romance.

After growing up under her father’s thumb, bubble wrapped in a Pasadena mansion, Sophie Reid escaped. Now she’s in Los Angeles living the life she’s always wanted, artist and resident wild child. Her blue blood family may look down at the fourteen-hour days as a union worker on television shows, but it’s Sophie’s bliss.

Then her carefully calibrated life is turned upside down by a tiny dog. The little red-brown ball of fur stops traffic on the Hollywood freeway and stops Sophie’s heart. She gets out of her car to save the dog and nearly misses, but attorney Ryan Becker joins the chase and saves the day. How does he want to celebrate? A single kiss upon Sophie’s lips.

From that first moment, Ryan wants more. When Sophie looks him up and down, she can’t help but be attracted to the well-built handsome man. But when he asks her out, she turns him down flat. Ryan’s all suited up in pinstripes like her father. She escaped once. Never again will she live under the thumb of a man whose sole job in life is to argue. Will Sophie buckle to Ryan’s eleven-point plan of persuasion to get her?