Maybe Baby

From the author of crazy, beautiful, love stories, Jolie Moore, comes a secret baby romance.

There is no silver lining to put on the gloomy cloud that has always hovered over Holly Prentice’s life. She is as she’d almost always been—alone. Her parents left, then orphaned her. Grandparents who’d raised and loved her—died. The husband who’d vowed until death do us part had picked his career over her.

Fresh from divorce, Holly is ready to live life on her own terms. And if that means starting a friends with benefits situationship with a younger guy, then that’s what she’s going to do.

After all, Nick Andreis is sex on a stick. He’s every salacious fantasy Holly’s ever had…come to life. There’s not a single thing holding her back from indulging in paint-peeling, toe-curling shenanigans except for one tiny thing…Nick refuses to commit to casual.

Holly knows this was never meant to be love. But when a tiny baby starts to grow inside her, she either has to turn to Nick and risk being left…again or forge a solitary path to single motherhood.