Maybe Again

From the author of crazy, beautiful, love stories, Jolie Moore, comes a big city second chance romance.

For more years than she can count, Yesenia Morales has tried her best to please everyone. Help her sister out of trouble. Help her immigrant mother navigate Los Angeles. So it was no wonder that her husband Cameron Becker found himself far down on life’s priority list.

She’d tried and failed and is ready to move on. If only Cameron will sign the divorce papers and they can both get on with their lives.

Cameron refuses to fail at anything. He’s worked hard to succeed at his job even when Yesenia sabotaged it for the sake of her own career. Now that Yesenia’s ready to end them forever, he can’t put his name on the dotted line. She has to give them one last chance. The opportunity comes in the form of an earthquake.

When she’s trapped, Cameron comes to her rescue. Now all he has to do is convince her to give them one last chance. But will her family still come first and derail any attempt at reconciliation?