A Collection of Short & Sexy Crazy Beautiful Love Stories

Cynthia is in for the ride of her life.
Cynthia needs to forget the guy who dumped her. One plane ticket and a rail pass through Europe should do the trick. Shaking off the past and the prude she used to be is hard until Cynthia meets a certain train conductor who wants make sure she’s one hundred percent satisfied with her ride.

Camilla can’t have just one.
On the verge of boredom with her boyfriend Brad, sexually adventurous Camilla gets an invitation to a pleasure club. But when her lover is ravaged by jealousy, Camilla must play her kink card before her relationship comes to an end.

Some things need no translation…
Newly divorced Portland native Tabitha Simon sets out to fulfill her life fantasies one by one. First on her list, move to France. But the language barrier makes daily life a challenge until she meets French teacher Archer Mercier. He offers to tutor Tabitha in the language of love. With Archer’s help, Tabitha learns more than the French word for kiss, she finds her true passions.