In this episode, I’m back on the humiliation train. I was this many days old when I learned that someone’s active disinterest in you was not a showing of love. I’ve only experienced relationships in two extremes – the love-bombing kind of intensity or active disinterest….

If you don’t have a wingman…there are two great dating advice/coaches out there… Melissa Leger of Gumball Love and Natalie Lue of Baggage Reclaim.

The upside…Hunter became my Wingman of the Year. Confused? Check out my appearance on the Winging It podcast where we discuss dating red flags and what actually makes for a f*ck boy…

This podcast is based upon my memoir Fifty First Dates. It’s available wherever ebooks and paperbacks are sold.

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Music by JuliusH and vikassinghchhonker from Pixabay
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Fifty First Dates
Episode 43: There Are No Happy Endings - Fifty First Dates - The Podcast - A Crazy Beautiful Love Story