In this episode, I went on a third! date with The Hiker. This was a ‘nice girl,’ ‘people pleasing’ mistake. The moment I invited him, I wanted to take it back. Unfortunately, he responded nearly instantaneously. This was one of those guys where you think there’s not much wrong, maybe I should give it a chance. But in retrospect, there was a lot wrong…incompatibility. He liked his food bland, his art bland, and his life bland. I live in full volume and color.

Books mentioned in this podcast:
On Love (Essays in Love) by Alain de Botton
Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

This podcast is based upon my memoir Fifty First Dates. It’s available wherever ebooks and paperbacks are sold.

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Music by JuliusH and vikassinghchhonker from Pixabay
Fifty First Dates Podcast
Fifty First Dates
Episode 39: The Art Show - Fifty First Dates - The Podcast - A Crazy Beautiful Love Story