In this episode, I talk about the best non-date ever. I spent a day with a guy this weekend that’s restored my faith in men and relationships. I met a great guy…in person. Kind of like The Aussie, but this time I came to the weekend with a greater level of awareness. I realized that I could be attracted to someone who isn’t my ‘type,’ someone who fits into the tiny box of attraction I’ve made for myself. Now I only have to meet this kind person who lives less than 10,000 miles away. But if I’ve met a person like it twice, then it has to be possible.

This podcast is based upon my memoir Fifty First Dates. It’s available wherever ebooks and paperbacks are sold.

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Music by JuliusH and vikassinghchhonker from Pixabay
Fifty First Dates
Fifty First Dates
Episode 34: The One Where I Learn Nothing – Fifty First Dates – The Podcast – A Crazy Beautiful Love Story