In this episode, I realize that I have moments of great clarity. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long as they should. All too quickly, the spark of knowledge goes out and I go back to my previous (and not always healthy behavior). Also, I talk about The Death of the Cool Girl. I know that I was raised to people please and not ruffle any feathers. That only leads to passive behavior on my part and putting up with unacceptable (to me) behavior from men. I’m sure I’ve been a lovely and soft place to fall, but now they’re going to have to find unquestioning comfort elsewhere because I’m not doing it anymore.

This podcast is based upon my memoir Fifty First Dates. It’s available wherever ebooks and paperbacks are sold.

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Music by JuliusH and vikassinghchhonker from Pixabay
Fifty First Dates
Fifty First Dates
Episode 33: Damnit, You Can't Go Back - Fifty First Dates - The Podcast - A Crazy Beautiful Love Story